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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Facebook Hack cost?

The normal price for 1 hacked password is 100 USD. We provide some discounts for multiple hacking and also you can buy an annual Facebook Hacking membership and get an anlimited access to all our services for 1 year, the price is 500 USD.
Also you can get a Facebook password for free! You need to recommend our hacking service to your friends, check details at Affiliate program. We will reward you for each new customer affiliated by you.

How to Hack a Facebook Password?

Every day we get more than a hundred orders to crack passwords. Approximately 95-97 percent of all orders are executed successfully and the customer receives the original Facebook password.
Reasons to get someone else's password can be a lot. Most often our clients ask for help in the following situations:
1. suspected lover's infidelity
2. forgotten the old password
3. the need to eliminate rivals
4. Parents worry about their children
5. Revenge
If you encounter one of these problems or do you have another reason to get the password - you can turn to us for help. Usually we hack the password in less than 3 hours. (Please note, if somebody promise you to crack the password within a few minutes - it's fraud! No vulnerables of Facebook servers not possible to get the password so quickly). To make a hacking request you need to register on our site. Placed an order, you can monitor the progress of our work on-line and we will notify you when the password will be ready!
In addition, you can try to crack the password yourself. This will require knowledge of programming and cryptography analysis. You can find on the internet a lot of literature about the vulnerabilities of social networks and how they are hacked. By experience, the beginner can crack the first password in about a month.

How to Pay for a Hack?

We offer several payment options. You can pay for a password hacking via bank transfer, credit card payment or via Western Union, and anonymously - sending money in an envelope to our mailing address.
If you have any difficulties with payment - please contact us and we will help top-up you balance.

If you have any other questions - please contact us at box@team-avrora.org.


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